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Schedule your next Pre-Purchase, Pre-Listing, 11 Month or New Home Inspection with Southern Charm Home Inspections of Wilmington, NC.

A Southern Charm Inspection offers a whole house evaluation, fully tailored and priced according to your home’s square footage, age, and foundation design. Our team will complete your home inspection in the most professional and prudent manner and provide our clients with a comprehensive digital report, including high-resolution images. We offer the same special treatment for each and every one of our inspection services. Please read below for more information.


What to Expect 

We inspect the following areas in all of our home inspections:
♦ Attic, Insulation, & Ventilation
♦ Basement
♦ Deck & Patio
♦ Driveway & Walkways
♦ Electrical System
♦ Exterior (siding, doors, windows, soffits, fascias)
♦ Fireplace & Chimney
♦ Foundation & Crawl Space
♦ HVAC Systems
♦ Interior (doors, windows, walls, floors, ceilings, stairs)
♦ Plumbing System
♦ Roofing System (including gutters & downspouts)
♦ Structural Components


Pre-Listing Home Inspection

When considering the sale of your home, there are just as many points of stress, if not more, as when you are looking to purchase your next home. You have the stresses of both being a “seller”, as well as being that of a buyer. Why not have your home “buyer ready” by having an inspection performed prior to placing it on the market. This will provide you with any details or issues about your home that may possibly become a problem in the home selling process with a potential buyer. We come in and perform the inspection, just as we would for a buyer, and then provide you with a tool box of information so you may be able to remedy any issues that could potentially kill a deal and slow the sale of your home later.


Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

When purchasing a home, you are purchasing all the good and bad things that come along with that home. Whether it’s a leaking roof or a soon-to-fail HVAC unit, you need to have some kind of idea what you may be inheriting. Though we cannot see every defect a home possesses, we can provide you with at least some sense of what you may be getting yourself into. Some believe a home inspection to be an “optional” choice when purchasing. I can assure you that if you do not have one performed, it could cost you thousands of dollars in unknown and unforeseen repair costs down the road. The seller is not required to divulge issues they know exist. So please do not forego an inspection, to only be surprised by issues that may have very well come up during this invaluable service.


Move-In Ready Inspection

For the buyer, there is no better peace of mind than showing up to a viewing and knowing that an inspection has been performed by a certified and licensed home inspector. With a move-in ready home inspection, this certifes that the inspection has been performed and that all items of concern have been addressed. A move-in ready home inspection takes place when an inspector has performed an initial inspection, reported the findings of the inspection, has been contacted for re-inspection following repairs, then is able to certify that all necessary repairs were effectively and satisfactorily handled.


11 Month Warranty Inspection

When you purchased your newly constructed home, chances are you entered into a secondary agreement with the builder, who offered you a 1-year warranty on all systems and components of the home. It is highly suggested within the national real estate industry that new home owners have their home inspected during the eleventh month to uncover any possibly unknown issues that could be dealt with under the terms of the warranty you entered into with the builder. If any issues are located, you are then given the information necessary to compare against your warranty to find out if you would be able to have the builder perform repairs to the faulty system or defect.


New Home Inspection

When you purchase your newly constructed home, there will come a day, prior to closing, where you perform a “walk-through” with the builder to make for certain everything is correct to your expectations. Unfortunately, not all builder representatives are going be completely honest to what defects or issues they actually know of or see. For home buyer, this presents challenges and inconveniences should they buy the home and once they have moved in, depending of course on what defects or issues are discovered. For this reason, it is a very good idea to have even a new home inspected prior to closing so any defects or issues are addressed. Please understand that just because a home is new does not mean that it is right.


Maintenance Inspection

If you have ever owned a home or even rented a property, or truly even owned anything at all, you know that in order for that “thing” to continue operating properly you have to perform maintenance to it on a regular basis. The truth is, most homeowners truly do not know what makes their home tick and therefore do not know what to do, nor when to do what needs to be done to maintain a home. Having your home inspected, at a minimum of once per year, will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help keep your home’s systems operating in tip top shape.


Being a new home buyer is exhausting. You don’t really know much about your home when you buy it, you likely don’t know what maintenance needs to get done or when, and problems can be unexpected & expensive. HomeBinder is here to fix that.

Home Binder is a digital home management app for every homeowner who uses our services. If the homeowner closes on their home, they will receive their own Home Binder Subscription free of charge! Southern Charm values our relationship so greatly that we pick up the charge so you can have this invaluable service provided to you. It is just a way for us to say thank you for allowing us to share in your home ownership.

Check out for more on this amazing service to you, our valued clients.


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